Monday, March 21, 2016

LA Reading April 1

Wave Books / Octopus Books / Fence Books /Canarium Books present: Dara Wier, Dan Hoy, John Beer, Michael Morse, Harmony Holiday, Ed Pavlic, Amy Lawless, Kevin Holden, and Cedar Sigo. 

April 1
5-7 pm

Info here. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Reading Tonight for Triptych in Manhattan!

Hi There, I'm reading tonight for the Triptych series hosted by Alina Gregorian with Sailor Noom and Ricky Tucker!  At Parsons School of Design

 Be there or be square or a cone!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

I Cry: The Desire to Be Rejected

I am excited to announce that my collaborative hybrid book (co-authored with Chris Cheney) is forthcoming from Pioneer Works Press.  It's being distributed by DAP and you can preorder here.  Check it out.    

And here's the book's official description: 

I Cry: The Desire to Be Rejected is a collaborative, hybrid composition by Chris Cheney and Amy Lawless: part essay, part poem and part social media collage. In the composition of this book, the authors cannibalized traditional research methods for a more personalized, technology-based process. Meditating upon Kurt Schwitters’ notion that "the medium is as unimportant as I am myself," they confront historical traumas through the body of real and virtual environments. Establishing online personas on Myspace, Yelp and Twitter, they explore the feelings that attach themselves to these expressions of self, the real sense of desire, connection, affirmation and friendship, as well as possibilities of destruction and loss. The relationship to the mother, a candlepin bowling league and an online Korean roleplaying group are the social environs through which the authors grapple with their own sense of isolation and otherness in the digital age, the blind energy of desire and the strangeness of tears.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Insect Poetics

Mathias Svalina edited a beautiful Insect Poetics feature for The Volta.  I have a short piece inside.